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Three Buddhist Youth units (Chanh Tam, Chanh Duc and Chanh Hoa) are under the spiritual guidance of Venerable Abbot Thich Tu-Luc. They meet every Sunday for Vietnamese class, Dharma class, and boy and girl scout activities at three different locations in the Bay Area:

* Chanh Tam Buddhist Youth
Meets Sunday 1pm – 5pm
25251 Campus Dr, Hayward, CA 94542

* Chanh Duc Buddhist Youth
Meets Sunday 1pm – 5pm
4273 Solar Way; Fremont, California 94538

* Chanh Hoa Buddhist Youth
Meets Sunday 9:45am – 3:00 pm
17327 Meekland Ave, Hayward CA 94541

* Retreat of Awakening (Trại Tỉnh Thức)
At this retreat, you will have a chance:
1) To rejuvenate and recharge your inner energy
2) Discover the beautiful Colorado Rockies through exhilarating outdoor activities and mindfulness practice.
3) Connect with the monastic members and inspirational guest speakers.
4) Enjoy quality times with friends and family.

Next year, the retreat will be held at the Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado on August 10-13, 2017. Please click here for early bird registration special. 

Preview slideshow of this year Retreat of Awakening in Anna, Texas.



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